Diesel Cleaning and Polishing Services NZ Ltd (DCAPS) cleans tanks and polishes your diesel to ensure optimum quality and reduce the potentially damaging effects of contaminants that can be found in fuel. DCAPS has specialist, mobile equipment which is brought to your, marina berth, farm, depot or worksite to clean tanks and polish fuel to remove diesel bug quickly and easily.


Diesel is prone to water ingress through the process of condensation as well as contaminants being introduced during bulk storage and transportation of fuel to onsite storage facilities. If you are an owner of a yacht or marine equipment, store fuel in tanks above or below ground, have vehicles, machinery and stationary engines that go unused for periods of time the diesel they contain is susceptible to contamination. Contaminated fuel provides ideal breeding conditions for bacteria commonly known as ‘Diesel Bug’.

If this contaminated fuel is subsequently used, filters can become blocked, injectors, seals and gaskets are at risk of damage and the performance as well as longevity of your vehicles’ engine or other diesel-fuelled equipment can be greatly affected.

Diesel Cleaning and Polishing Services equipment not only removes the ‘Diesel Bug’ and any remains, but it also removes the root cause: water contamination in the fuel tank. The process also filters out any other harmful contaminants, giving you fresh fuel and the confidence that you can enjoy the benefits of the fuel you paid for.

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