Diesel and Bio Fuel Polishing

Fuel Polishing

Is the term used for cleaning Diesel or Bio Fuel ensuring optimum quality and to reduce the potentially damaging effects of contaminants that can be found in fuel. DCAPS  has specialist, mobile equipment that is brought to site to polish your fuel quickly and easily as well as clean tanks.

If you have fuel storage tanks, vehicles or machinery that go unused for periods of time, the Diesel or Bio fuel they contain is prone to contamination. Water can enter the fuel through the process of condensation and bacteria, such as ‘Diesel Bug’, can start to breed and accumulate.

DCAPS  equipment not only removes diesel bug, it also removes, water, solids and other harmful contaminates found  in all fuel tanks, giving you fresh fuel and the confidence that your engine will be protected from the costly consequences of pollutants.

The Process 

DCAPS equipment uses fuel circulation agitation and filtration to remove water, ‘Diesel Bug’ and other damaging materials such as rust from your tank. Once the fuel has been ‘polished’ the cleaned Diesel or Bio fuel  is  returned to your tank ready for use. All that is removed are the pollutants – your Diesel or Bio fuel will be put back where it belongs, minus the unwanted additions!

Peace of Mind  

 DCAPS low cost Diesel and Bio fuel cleaning service gives you the confidence to use the fuel you’ve paid for, with no risk of the damage or compromised performance that contaminated fuel can represent. With engines, machinery and generators being so expensive to repair, why leave it to chance?



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